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Adam Brock is a Denver-based author, facilitator, entrepreneur and designer committed to advancing sustainability and social change.

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Adam offers consulting for individuals and organizations interested in regenerative business practices, permaculture life planning, organizational development, inclusiveness/cultural competence, and more.


In Memoriam: Toby Hemenway

Toby Hemenway, who passed away yesterday, was the best mentor I never wanted to admit I had. If bad-boy innovator Bill Mollison was permaculture’s Elvis, Toby was Paul McCartney: affable and studious, consistently weaving low-key brilliance that brought the message to the masses without compromising its integrity. Thousands know Toby through his books, which are […]

Decolonizing Permaculture

This article was the editor’s letter from “Decolonizing Permaculture“, issue #98 of Permaculture Design Magazine that I guest-edited in winter 2015. Let’s start with the obvious: from Bill and David on down, the most influential personalities in the permaculture movement have been charismatic middle- aged white males. And, well, so what? That’s the way things were in the […]

Perennial Crops, Perennial Cultures: How What We Grow Becomes Who We Are

Published in Permaculture Design Magazine issue #95, Spring 2015   2.78 million square miles. That’s how much of the Earth’s surface is devoted to the production of annual cereal crops like rice, wheat and corn[1]. That’s about the same size as the entire country of Australia, and is more than four times larger than all the land devoted […]

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